Analysis: why are emotions running high in the Order of Malta election?

Considering that the Knights of Malta and the Vatican State are both sovereign nations, this is a deeply political issue as well as a religious one. Very informative on the ongoing situation between the Vatican and the Knights of Malta.

Catholicism Pure & Simple

The reformist German party want sweeping changes. But can they win over the voters?

Elections always provoke excitement, but in the run-up to the Order of Malta’s leadership vote this weekend, something more can be detected: anguish, anxiety, even a distinct note of panic. The 60 voters – most of them professed knights, who take vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience – are being intensely lobbied. Members are sending emails to the voters, asking them to save the order from “corruption and destruction”. Meanwhile, Pope Francis has asked to see 15 of the voters this evening.

To simplify things hugely, the contest is about whether a German-led reform party will get what they want. Normally, the Grand Master is elected for life; but the Germans want to elect an interim leader, who can reform the Constitution. Erich Lobkowicz, who heads the German Association, has proposed sweeping changes

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